Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yeah yeah... it is so nice to be home!

Ahough i had a pretty good time at the boarding place, (daddy grumnled about the "hotel" fees.. after discovering i had 3 ticks found on me after i reach home.) there's still nothing like home. I miss my crate.. I miss my water bowl.. i miss my private corner.. i miss my toys.. and i miss mummy the most!

Waiting for daddy to settle my "hotel" fee

Happy Me sitting beside my Mummy at home

Since mummy is still busy with her school stuffs..being a nice boy, i decide to give her a helping "nose"

Here is your Cheery Cherry pencil case...

Here is your plastic ruler...

Well of course all this hard work come with a price. Guess what i got while i was away for a week!

A nicely washed yellow dumbbell

A big packet of bone shaped oatmeal biscuits!! Dont they look yummilicious???

Oh my woofness... they just look like chipmore cookies! Only mine not chocolate but seaseme oatmeal cookies with milk and they look so much cuter. Just nice bitable size for me!

Give it to me~~ one more.. another one more.. and another one more pls!

It's now so hard to get easy treats.. it always the balance-before-you-get treat trick.

And it's becoming tedious. Not one.. but 3 biscuits on my nose!

*getting sleepy while balancing*

After all the hard work... i was given all three biscuits! hee hee yeah yeah.. i love biscuits!

Have a great biscuit day all of you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am back!

Hi hi i am back from boarding! So tired. Let me catch up on my sleep.
Will Blog real soon!