Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank you

Hi all, I am back!

Just wan to say a BIG thank you to all my new and old Doggie Pals and their hoomans for all the beautiful Christmas cards that i have received thru snail mail and email~ Hope all of you have enjoy the joyous holiday season. Mummy only receive 3 Christmas cards while i have 22 snail cards and many many ecards! hahaha.. but then mummy receive 7 very nice presents and make me post a picture with some of them. *roll eyes and try to look away from the very nice smelling chocolates*

Nice presents From Mummy's Collegues and Good Friends
Oh my.. it smells so so so so GoOOooOOod...

Mummy's presents! Doggie plushie and Doggie DVD that look like me!

Erh.. sorry got too carried away with the chocolates which mummy told me that it is no good for doggie stomach. Anyway With the passing of Christmas, i await another important day to come. I am going to be 2 on the 1st Jan!! And Mummy say she has surprises waiting for me! *WooOF WooOF* Can't wait for that day to come!

Happy Me with all my snail mails

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As Evil Mummy Plans to go celebrate Christmas with Evil Daddy somewhere, She make me post this early.. *SULKS*


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry guys.. King King's Mummy here.
Currently King King is not feeling so well due to his skin problem and he vomitted earlier in the afternoon. Will be bringing him to the vet tomorrow morning and hope he will get better soon.
Promised to update again when he is feeling better!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

E cards update~

Hello everyone! i believe all of you are getting more and more cards from the mailman recently.. so do I! let see how many ecards have i received this week! Seriously i think mummy is getting super jealous of me when she didnt get any address to her yet.

First ecard for this week is from Eduardo Johnson! thanks you so much for the beautiful e card. the music is really getting me into the christmas mood!

Second ecard is from Happy and L.S. Thanks alot! i like the mini christmas tree very much

Third one is from Ben and Twinkle! HahHahahHahhah.. twinkle you look so cute with the reindeer headband! *ROFL*

Fourth one is from Harry Pugalicious and Midi T. Kitty & Heather. Thanks you puggie and kitties for the nice e card

Fifth one is from Charlie Daniels. wooo... christmas tree in the midst of the beach!! cool

Last but not the least an e card from Co Co the princess! Thanks you so much!

Hee.. once again a big thanks to all of you!! Stay tune for my next post on my snail mails!! WooF ! *happy glee*

Thursday, December 4, 2008

mOre And More Cards~

Guess what i got these few days..

A beautiful card from Simba in his christmas hat. I like it so much that i put it on top of my Head!! We are both Kings! WoOf WooOf WooOOooF!

Another one is from Cody, Zena and Lady known as the Three Musketeers! WooOOoHooOO.. cool card and i especially like your caption on the card. Ha Ha hA.. *Pss.. where is my present?*

The Third one is from Faya and Dyos. Look~ They are kissing santa claus! I bet this year Santa claus will drop both of them an extra bone each!

Actually mummy receive more cards but she wan me to take picture with each one individually so dont worry.. your cards will be shown in my next post. Once again thanks Cody, Lady, Zena, Faya, Dyos and Simba for the nice christmas cards and hope you all receive mine soon!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Cards are out folks

Hooray!!! Mummy Send out all the christmas cards!! Quick check your email for e cards! For snail mail, i am afraid that you have to wait for a week or so depending on where you are!!

A total of 8 different designs for snail mail!!

E card design!!

Hope all of you like it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Yeah.. Christmas cards are arriving~

Ho Ho Ho... Mummy got a few surprises in her mail box when she check her mail today.

Here goes:

My First Christmas card for this year! And it is from Rusty.

Thanks you so much Rusty. You look fantastic!

And the second one is from Scottie and his gang from Malaysia!

Thanks you Scottie~ All of you look super great~

And the third one is from Cayman, the beautiful long haired Dach!

Thank you Cayman.. the e card is so so so pretty~

Mummy is sending out both e cards and snail mails batch by batch on the 4th Dec due to special discount in stamps for oversea mails so wait for mine all of you !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy Busy...

Sorry folks for the lack of updates... Mummy just change a new job and she is busy picking up new things from work and oh boy there's so much to learn! Poor thing. Anyway now she is having another big project on hand.
The DWB Christmas Exchange Program!!
So stay tune.. cards are now being send out batch by batch so i hope you all receive it on time!
Woof Woof WooF!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cameron Highland.. Without Me!

Mummy went holiday with her parents last weekend and i am left all alone at home with daddy.

Feeling bored.. Haiz no Holiday for me.. SooOOooOOo Unfair!

How can mummy not bring me goOooOOooo!!! Instead she bought another "pet" with her.

Anyway mummy call him *KingJunior* cos he remind mummy of me when she first bought me home. Mummy is so evil that she steal my blog to post her trip pictures. She is a meanie!
view from hotel room

Red yummylicious Strawberries!

Beautiful Green lettuces.. look just like green roses

Giant pumpkin!! about 45 kg as from the farm owner

Cactus, cactus and more cactus!

Beautiful Flowers

Chrys. Field!

Pretty purple Lavender

Funny looking pitcher plants

Tea plantation

Big butterfly

Mummy couldnt resist and bought back 3 big bouquet of roses of different colours. Arent they nice?? (King King: Can they be eaten? Mummy:....... King King: All right... *wag tails* ).

King Junior with all the gifts Mummy bought back

Now who say life isnt a bed of roses... (Hiak Hiak)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New book on the shelf

Mummy have a new book to introduce.

The book title is: a friend like Henry

This book is about a little boy call Dale who has autism. He was unable to communite with anyone, not even his parents. Nuala and Jaime, his parents got very worried when little Dale was still unable to express himself and had apparently no emotional display even at the age of 3. His sudden outburst of rage and fury when things doesnt go his way got worse day by day and Nuala and Jaime will spent most of their waking hours trying to break into his austistic world.

One day, a visit to a friend, Val changes everything. Val's golden retriever bitch just gave birth to a healthy litter of 8 puppies and one of the manage to catch little Dale's attention. With patient work, the bond between Dale and his dog, Henry named after his favourite cartoon character, Henry the helpful train helped Nuala and Jaime produce the breakthrought in their son they had long sought.

Verdict: Truly afffecting and touching. Nice just like me~

Angelic Me with the fake "hula"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

E collar..

Never in my life i thought i would have to wear this, but something happen to my feet. It got swollen and red and started bleeding. Daddy suspects a case of worm infection and i have to go to the vet for a small feet operation. The doc injected me and i fall instantly asleep and by the time i wake up, i was wearing this and mummy got worried when i refused to drink and eat.

Just wake up.. Tiredzzz

Not happy at all

The wound.. EeEEeeEEEe..

My medications....

i need to get some rest now... and Mummy say no balls, no long walks till the wound get better. Sobz

Monday, August 11, 2008

My new Green towel

August 9 is Mummy's country Birthday. She say everyone should have a present and With nothing much to do, she went to Ikea with Shuyin Auntie and got me something furry and green:

A New Lime Green Towel!

And what does that mean?
BATH TIME AGAIN!! Arrgghhh...

A very unhappy looking dog who can't wait to get dry right away (-_-)
Will someone get me the new towel?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dins Dins

So.. what's the menu for tonight?

Home Cooked meal with Veges, canned meat, kibbles and bacon strip!!

Ingredients as followed:

Firstly: Cook rice

Secondly: Boil Veges

Thirdly: Place everything nicely in My bowl

Fourthly: Mix everything well

Last but not the least: Serve ME!!!

MmMMMmm... Yummy Yummy.. *munch munch chew chew...*

All gone..... in 5 minutes

So what's next Mummy??