Monday, August 11, 2008

My new Green towel

August 9 is Mummy's country Birthday. She say everyone should have a present and With nothing much to do, she went to Ikea with Shuyin Auntie and got me something furry and green:

A New Lime Green Towel!

And what does that mean?
BATH TIME AGAIN!! Arrgghhh...

A very unhappy looking dog who can't wait to get dry right away (-_-)
Will someone get me the new towel?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dins Dins

So.. what's the menu for tonight?

Home Cooked meal with Veges, canned meat, kibbles and bacon strip!!

Ingredients as followed:

Firstly: Cook rice

Secondly: Boil Veges

Thirdly: Place everything nicely in My bowl

Fourthly: Mix everything well

Last but not the least: Serve ME!!!

MmMMMmm... Yummy Yummy.. *munch munch chew chew...*

All gone..... in 5 minutes

So what's next Mummy??