Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birthday Card and Prezzie

Yesterday Mummy receive a pink card and she proceed to show me. She say someone had send us something! Wow! another surprise for me? What could it be??

The "pink card"
WoOOooOOOo... This is getting exciting. So daddy bring mummy to the nearest POS Malaysia to collect the parcel while i wait at home. As usual the person at the counter ask Mummy what "King King" means and mummy had to control not to laugh when she saw the shocked expression of the guy over the counter when she say it's was mine name. "Wah... now even dogs have mail!" After awhile they return with a big brown parcel. Hee..

The nice parcel is from Shu Shu and Kero and MoMo! Come on Come on!! Give it to me!!

Ready to lauch at the parcel that mummy had in her hand

Before mummy could even snap a picture of the parcel i have already jumped and steal it from her and was tearing it up. I love tearing up parcels!!! And Guess what i receive from them:

My first Birthday Card!!

Mr "Smiley" Face and he squeaks!!

All the lovely presents and treat from them!! Thanks all of you for remembering my Birthday!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas Post

Hi there everyone!!! Hope all of you enjoy Christmas as much as i do this year!! I receive another christmas card from my friend and this time it is from Shu Shu, Kero and MoMo! Thank you very Much!

Woo! A very pretty handmade card from ShuShu!

Mummy say the handwriting is very nice and tidy and she loves the doggie picture at the front! And all of you look so adorable in the card! I am going to store it away with rest of my Christmas cards and keep them in mint condition. Once again i would like to thank all my friends from DWB for making my first christmas such a merry one!

Anyway Mummy went for a Christmas dinner with her friends and she had a great feast at Jack's Place without ME ME ME!! Hmmpf.. Bad Bad mummy, fancy going out without me and daddy and she didnt even bring me a slice of beef steak or grilled chicken and worst still... she made me post all the yummy pictures! Beware.. the following image below may make you drool.. dun say i didnt warn you...

Loster Bisque with homemade Garlic bread

Mango Prawn Cocktail

Mummy's Yummy Sirloin steak with Mushroom sauce. Look at the potate with bacon! i want ! i wanttTttTTtt....

The 4 greedy Hoomans's Christmas Dinner

Mummy saw my sulky face when she got home and say she will bring me my yummy Christmas dinner in another 10 mintues time. Woooo... finally mummy decide to be nice to me and so i wait and wait and wait... In the end.. this is what i get...

A few cupful of fresh lamb Kibbies out from the bag. A Gourmet suited for me (that's what evil mummy say)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Mummy will not be around during Christmas day so i have to say my greetings one day in advance. I have put on my Christmas gear and urged mummy to take a nice picture of me and my Christmas tree.

Just wanna wish all my beloved doggies friends and their Hoomans.....

With lotsa huggies and lickes and Best Wishes from King King and Mummy Dear and Daddy Dear!!! Enjoy the Holidays and may all of you get lots and lots of nice gifts!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I learn a new trick

I am sure most doggies out there know this simple trick and i just manage to learn it in one day as there is nothing much to do during the rainy season.

Evil mummy lure me with yummy treats and make me balance them on the bridge of my nose.

My yummy apple stick right on top of my own nose!

Mummy burst out laughing everytime she see this pic.. She say she had never see me look so serious. Hey mummy... i am a good boy k, i always give my best in whatever i do and i must concentrate !! Even daddy was quite surprised to heard that i manage to learn this trick as i am always jumping and running around and can't seemed to stand or sit still.

Guess what.. now they are making me balance anything they can find. :( Toilet rolls, tissue packs, daddy's cigrettes, mummy's lip gloss.. blah blah.. haiz..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mummy and i Fall sick!

Poor Mummy and me.

Mummy is now sick with flu and sore throat and fever due to the crazy weather around here. It's raining cats and dogs this moment and the next moment the rain stops suddenly as it comes and the sun came out and shone merciless at us. Sobs!!

As for me, i came down with a slight ear infection due to the wet weather and i drop 1/4 of my bushy tail hair! But no worry, sick mummy insist daddy bring me to a vet today and after some medication, my ears are feeling so much better though my tail looked slighty funny with only the bushy tip.

Anyway mummy bought me my parcel from Amber and i am really thrilled. Thanks again for the yummy treat! I cant eat it now until i feel better and i really hope i can get well soon. There is so many yummy treats that mummy had received from her friends and there are waiting for me to sample them! And i would like to thank Ginger, Sparky and Crikit for their lovely e card. Thank you!!

A short clip of me opening my prezzie with a little help from mummy. Pardon me for the slanted video. hee

Hee.. mummy have to stop video-ing me as i try to nibble the envelope and refused to spit out the paper. Hmm... paper seems to taste good to me as well. Thanks you once again Amber! You are such an angel!

Anyway i got a new soft toy from one of mummy's friends. Heee... but after giving it to me for less than 5 minutes.. i manage to deal a serious damage to it.

End result: a small hole in the ball with some of the stuffings out (could be worse if mummy never discover it early... :x)

My new soft ball!!
A short clip of me trying to get the ball out of the wrapper

That's all folks!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Prezzie and Cards

Wooo... Mummy come home yesterday and saw a brown parcel on her table. Guess what... It is my first Christmas present and it is from Amber Mae and her sisters!
Mummy say she shall not open the parcel yet and give it to me to open myself during the weekend when she visits. I can't wait to see what's inside.

And today more cards arrive for me and they are from Goofy and Yang Yang! My mummy's mum say i am getting more mails than she is having these few days. Ha Ha.. i bet she is very jealous of all the beautiful cards and presents that i am receiving.
Anyway mummy went to the post office today and she has post out all the parcels to my doggy pals. Hope all of you are able to receive it soon!

My presents and cards!

Yang Yang and Goofy Pawsome Cards!

Thanks You to all of you for the lovely cards and present! Have a nice week ahead despite the raining weather!!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Been raining and raining for the past few days. Yawnz.. i am getting bored at home all cramp up in my crate.

Me in my cold hard crate and a nearly empty bowl. Feed me !!

*hums to the rhythm.. Hey Santa can you bring me something gooddd... something goOOoOod, something goOooOooOOOOoD... Hey Santa can you bring me something SwEeeT.. Something SweeEeeeT... Something Something SwEeeEEeeeEeet.... :x* Okay.. enough of my Woofing..

Anyway since there is nothing much i can do, i decide to update my blog layout for the christmas season! Hope all of you like it! And Please... will someone blow the dark rainy clouds away? Little King King wants to play!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I have Been awarded!

Wooo... I have been awarded by my new friend, Yang Yang!

This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun." Thank you Yang Yang, for passing this award to me! I am really honoured!

And so i will also continue and pass on this award to my other friends below:

1) Rossi

2) Goofy

3) Shu Shu

4) Amber Mae

5) Pacco

6) Snowball

Have fun boys and girls!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am Back!

Hi there to all my paw pals!

Sorry for the lack of post but mummy is having her last paper tomorrow and she has been studying real hard but finally she has some free time to on her lappie for me to update my blog. Hee..

Recently mummy is feeling quite down.. Her beloved hp decide its life time is up and decide to commit suicide from the 2nd storey. It bump it way down the stairs and landed flat on the living room with all the internal organs splattered all over the living room.

Poor mummy nearly cry because she lost all her contacts and of course almost all the pictures of me that she has taken over the past 11 months. Daddy have to spend the rest of the day trying to cheer mummy up. Anyway.. mummy has already bought a new phone and has already cheer up so no worry.

Mummy decide to give me my christmas presents early. yeah... wonder what's mummy getting me. Guess what...

6 new tennis balls in christmas tones, 2 new treats and an orange frisbee! Thanks You Mummy!! *lick lick lick lick*

My christmas Presents from Mummy. 2 of the tennis balls are in my cage with me at the moment the photo taken. Hee

Me enjoying my frisbee. Taste great! *evil grinz*

Have fun guys.