Monday, January 28, 2008

Preparation for Chinese New Year...

YeaHhHHhh..Only 10 days away from Chinese New year!
Mummy say she must start her spring cleaning soon. Most of you would think spring cleaning only include sweeping and moping and dusting and throwing away of old stuffs from the house. But mummy has different plans...

And Her spring cleaning plan include me! OoOOoMmmGoodnesSsS! Is she going to throw me away like what she did to her old stacks of magazines and books?? Luckily for me, it's not that case.. what she meant was to take me for grooming service this Sunday and just a few days ago she started doing spring cleaning for my "house" (which actually is my cage Bleah) and Mummy discovered that my cage is giving way due to me putting on weight and jumping around when i saw visitors she predict that it wouldnt last long. Hee.. guess i am going to get a bigger house!

Mummy then put all my toys into hot water to clean away all the dust, sand and germs. And i get to play pool pool which i haven't got the chance to do so since June last year.

Me in my Colourful Pool and all my tennis balls

*bite bite and snatch soggy tennis ball*

Can i have stay in the pool for a little while more plsss?? (Mummy: NO! )

Watching helplessly as water is being drained...

And what's Chinese New Year without all those red and gold themed decorations, mandarin oranges and goodies especially daddy's favourite, Bak Kwa (BBQ pork or chicken slices). 2008 was the Year of Rat in the Chinese Zodiac Cycle. Last year was mummy's year (*koks on the head by mummy.. Ouch!*) i mean the Year of the Boar. Some informations for my non-Chinese DWB friends, we chinese have an animal delicated to each different year in the Zodia Cycle and all together there are 12 different animals as follwed: Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar. Since this year is the Year of the Rat, Mummy bought alot of Rat themed decorations with Cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse character.

Glittery Gold and red Mouse decos

Chinese New Year Goodies and lots more!

And for a new year.. i also got presents! Yeah.. mummy try to get my best hooman friend, Shuyin to get some doggie clothes from her recent Thailand trip but silly mummy forget to tell her how big and heavy i was and so no new clothes for me as hooman friend scare she get the wrong size for me. To make up for it, mummy bought me a new toy, new shampoo, 1 dog oat biscuit with honey and a cheese and chicken long stick! But mummy say i cant have them now as they are supposed to be for Chinese New Year. BoOoooOo... i want them now!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stray Attack

Well well well... nothing interesting has been going on lately and i am getting real bored at home doing nothing. Mummy's busy with work and school again and probably won't be having so much time to let me use her lappy to update my blog.

Anyway i was attacked by a stray a few days ago!! (actually was slighty bitten). Poor me... i was happily strolling along with mummy around the neighbourhood and doing my sniffing business when suddenly this white female stray leap out from under the car and growled angrily at me. Both me and mummy was slightly shocked and mummy try to pull me away. But Before we could even take any step, the bad stray launched at me headon.

OuChhHHhhHHhh!!!!! i jumped back and growled back at the stray, flashing her my sharp pearly white. Mummy was taken aback and try to scare the stray off by raising the leash. The bad stray whimped and run away as fast as she could. I was scratched on my nose and there's a deep cut on my lower lip. Mummy faster take me back home and and washed the wounds with running water. She then applied cold ice on both my wounds.WoOoooo.. it's so cold! But mummy say it's good for me.

me resting on my mummy's lappie

oh man... do i still look handsome??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New award -- Friendship!

Hooray!! i got a new award and this time it is given to me by ShuShu and Kero and MoMo.

Thank you so much for being such a great pal Shu Shu and i love being friends with all of you. Hmmm.. i am sure most of you have this award but i would still like to pass on this award to Mr. Bond , Princess Snowball, Scruffy, Ben-Benjamin and everyone who enjoys reading my blog.

Last but not the least, i would like to delicate this poem to all my pawpals and hope all of you had a pawrific day ahead!


Everyone of us at some point meet a special person

who fills our lives and shows us much concern

As your friend and as your guiding star

they support you and in life make you go far

Their love always sparkles in our lonely life

and they are with us sharing all our strife

You smile knowing this person is there

and for us this person truly and dearly cares

They hold us close and wipe away our tears

to our every need and wants they hear

When we are down they are the first to know

they will do anything to make our face glow

They will open our eyes to many new things

and within our soul they will make joy ring

They are special and dear to your heart

and from you they will never part

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rough Play

Raining for almost one whole day, so mummy spend time playing with me at the backyard. Let me intro my new best pal, Hmm... Let's call him Mr. Racoon. Hee.. Mr. Racoon has lost one eye due to previous rough play but i still love playing with him.

Mr. Racoon

The game of tug-o-war Starts!!

Grrrr... Give it to ME!

Grrrr... violent tug to the left

Still Holding On...

Growls..... Mine Mine Mine!! *Tug with all my might*

Let Go of Mr Racoon Mummy! He's Mine!!!

In the end mummy have to rescue Mr. Racoon from my sharp teeth before he was being tear to pieces. Mummy shake her head at me while looking at poor Mr. Racoon and i try to convince Mummy to let me play some more with one of my super duper cute facial expression.

Injured Mr. Racoon and me looking on...

Really people... I am just trying to show how much i love Mr. Racoon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Birthday Post ..

Remember in my last post i mention i had a great time with my mummy and daddy on my Birthday?

Because mummy's parents and one of her siblings came from Singapore to visit me and spend my birthday with me!! This is the first time i meeting my mummy's parents and so i must look good. The first impression counts right?

Do i look cute enough to earn a treat from them?

Hee... They make a fuss of me when they arrive and all pet my head except mummy's Mum. She has a phobia of dogs because she was chased and bitten once by dogs when she was a little girl. But nevermind she still stand at a corner and waved at me and i gave her a friendly bark and wag my tail.

Mummy's youngest sis even bring me for a walk but maybe i was too excited and happy and i keep jumping up at her and she got scared after awhile. (mummy's sis is petite and skinny.. hee) but she still play ball ball with me for awhile. Then it's lotsa photo taking time!!

me resting under the outdoor table

Mummy's youngest sis with me!! Gosh.. my head look bigger than hers :x

Me and mummy taken outdoor... (mummy just woke up so she doesnt allow me to show her sleepy face here, vain vain)

Me and Mummy at home (after she washup, super vain)

I had fun for the whole day and woops mummy say i must rest and so i took a nap and when i woke up it around evening time. Hmmm.... what's that smell? WoOooooOo... is it my special birthday dinner that mummy is bragging about to me? Hooray... no kibbles !!

Mummy went to the market while i was in la la land, and bought back some chicken thigh meat, carrots and potatoes. Daddy then helped to skin the chicken and chopped them into fine pieces. Carrots and potatoes are peeled and diced and all of them went into the cooking pot to be slowly cooked.

Nicely Boiled Chicken

My delicious dinner.... YuMmyyyYYyyyYYy

i wolfed down everything in less than 1o minutes...

Erh mummy... can i have some more... pls???

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I am 1 today!! Cheerios!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy Birthday to MeeeEEEee!!
Happy Birthday to MEeEEeeEEee!!

Thanks all for friends for your warm wishes and i enjoy myself today wit my mummy and daddy today! Should blog about it in my next post. Last but not the least..