Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day at the Park

Oh my woofness.. finally the rain clouds decide to take a break after a few days of continuous raining around here.

Grabbing the chance, Mummy decided to bring me to the nearby park for an early morning stroll. Well... i am not going to complain even thought the weather is quite warm because it has been ages since i went to the park. The last time i went was half a year ago. Mummy could hardly get me to sit still. But you cant blamed me for it. Look at all those footballs flying across the field like nobody business. Gosh.. how i wish i could chased after them in the beautiful big green field.

Me standing happily on the bench under the shade. Really to go for my morning stroll!

Nice field! Nice Trees! Nice leaves!

Me walking toward my favourite spot in the park. Hurry up Mummy!!

A Shady place! My favourite and Mummy's too. Dun worry.. the stuff on the bench is just mummy's handphone pouch and keychain.

*Inspecting the Bench. Sniff Sniff...*

*Inspecting under the bush... Sniff Sniff*

There Mummy! No lizards, no cockroaches and no nasty bugs! You can sit down on the bench already. So can i have my ball pls?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Close Escape.. hiak hiak*

Hello all my pals... sorry for not updating my blog for nearly 2 weeks plus. Mummy been really busy with her heavy school load that she doesnt have time to help me blog.

Anyway nothing much happen. Have been doing all my regular stuffs... (eating, drinking, sleeping, barking and blah blah blah...)
All except one thing.

I spolit my collar. *get angry stare from mummy* It was an accident.. really. :x

Actually i just finish my bath last weekend and mummy, daddy decide to go out for lunch while i was still drying myself in the sun in the car porch. Mummy tie me to the door grill and gave me my toys so that i wont be too bored. I looked at them with pitful eyes as the gate slowly closed and daddy's car zoom away .

After an hr or so... they came back and as the auto gate opened... mummy and daddy got a shock.

I zoom out of the house into the way of a delivery van.

Mummy was so scared that she jumped out of the car and waved for the van to stop. Luckily for me the van driver saw me in time and stopped a good distance away from me. I got a big scolding from mummy and i followed her happily into the house not knowing what happened a few minutes ago. Mummy looked at my poor collar which was badly chewed up. Mummy shook her head in disbelief and put me back into my cage before she went out again. This time she came back with something for me. A nice new Collar.

(still feeling sore after being scolded.. so doesnt wan to look at mummy)

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Mummy did a very naughty thing yesterday night! She secretly bought me up to the bedroom for the night when poor Daddy is away at work. WooOoo.. i am so excited. I can sleep beside my mummy in the air conditioned room!! The last time i am allowed in the bedroom was when i was still a cute cubbly puppy. Though i still look super cute now. Hee Hee

Shhhhh... Pls dun tell my Daddy about it will ya? He is not going to be very happy if he found out about it.

Me in my yellow PJs lying on top of the old blanket

It was then i realised mummy got another 'pet' upstairs on her bed and she even make me pose beside it. She even tell me it has a name call Eeyore the Donkey! Hmmpf! No wonder she doesn't want to sleep with me downstair in my crate. But wait a minute..... what's that orange stuff on her bed??

!!! Duhz (-_-) Another 'pet' call Tigger the Tiger!! Oh well.. i am sure Mummy loves me the most because i look the cutest among the three.

Anyway it's ZzZZzzZZzz time. Wishing all of you sweet dreams and may all of you had a great weekend!!!