Sunday, June 22, 2008

Laundry Day and new stuffs for Me!

Today is Laundry day and Ms Mummy is getting really busy.

And she decide to take a bath for me as well since the the sun is shining brightly too. Erh.. i hope mummy doest put me inside the washing machine like what she did to all the clothes. She say it is suppose to come out clean and smelling nice and semi dry.

Happy Me after the bath!

Look at all those clothes!! All this belong to Mr. Daddy

Hmmm... bed sheet with the quilt blanket. Why didn't i have it in my crate?? Unfair!!
I helped Ms Mummy look after the clothes just in case anyone try to steal them. Where do u think u are going Mr. Blue tee? Trying to fly off the hanger? I am watching....

Ms Mummy also let me play with the old soccer ball while i am at my job. I love balls!!

Mummy keep laughing at me because my ball keep rolling into the nearby drain while i was busy looking at all the clothes. But i am still clever enough to pick it out from the drain. Once again, Sorry for the slanted clip =p

Then mummy bring out something. WooOoooOOOo... A new blue and red ball!! Just what i wanted!!

But the new toy doesn't come easy. Ms Mummy try to make me balance the ball on my head but obviously i am not a seal and the ball keep rolling off. Silly Mummy!

Finally after Ms Mummy had fun, she throw me the new ball as a reward for being such a good and nice boy. Yeah...

Poor old ball.... Rest in Peace

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy Saturday

It is so boring yesterday... all i want to do is nap nap nap...

Feeling lazy

Getting Sleepy...

No Mum.. i dun wanna take picture anymore


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mummy!

Today is a special day for me and mummy.
It's Mummy's Barkday!!

Though i try to give her some of my kibbles as her birthday present, Mummy doesnt seem to appreciate the gifts and pour it back into my doggie bowl. OH well... Daddy bring mummy to a nice cafe and they had a nice dinner yesterday. As usual i wasnt allow to tag along as they are not sure whether it is a dog friendly place.
Nice creamy seafood spag for mummy, Fried rice with a sunny side up egg for daddy

Mummy also receive nice presents from her friends. How i wish they also bought additional gifts for me.

See.. a golden retreiver jigsaw puzzle from Mummy's friend and a golden retriever soft toy from my Mummy's Mom... just like me when i was a baby (hiak hiak)

Happy Bark day to You... Woof Woof!
Happy Bark day to You... Woof Woof!
Happy Bark day to Mummy!!! Woof Woof!
Happy Bark day to You... Woof Woof!

Hope You had an enjoyable day!