Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cameron Highland.. Without Me!

Mummy went holiday with her parents last weekend and i am left all alone at home with daddy.

Feeling bored.. Haiz no Holiday for me.. SooOOooOOo Unfair!

How can mummy not bring me goOooOOooo!!! Instead she bought another "pet" with her.

Anyway mummy call him *KingJunior* cos he remind mummy of me when she first bought me home. Mummy is so evil that she steal my blog to post her trip pictures. She is a meanie!
view from hotel room

Red yummylicious Strawberries!

Beautiful Green lettuces.. look just like green roses

Giant pumpkin!! about 45 kg as from the farm owner

Cactus, cactus and more cactus!

Beautiful Flowers

Chrys. Field!

Pretty purple Lavender

Funny looking pitcher plants

Tea plantation

Big butterfly

Mummy couldnt resist and bought back 3 big bouquet of roses of different colours. Arent they nice?? (King King: Can they be eaten? Mummy:....... King King: All right... *wag tails* ).

King Junior with all the gifts Mummy bought back

Now who say life isnt a bed of roses... (Hiak Hiak)

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Amber-Mae said...

Another hooman to go to Cameron's! It does look like a really great place to go but there isn't much place for us doggies to hang around or visit there. Was it cold?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer