Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stray Attack

Well well well... nothing interesting has been going on lately and i am getting real bored at home doing nothing. Mummy's busy with work and school again and probably won't be having so much time to let me use her lappy to update my blog.

Anyway i was attacked by a stray a few days ago!! (actually was slighty bitten). Poor me... i was happily strolling along with mummy around the neighbourhood and doing my sniffing business when suddenly this white female stray leap out from under the car and growled angrily at me. Both me and mummy was slightly shocked and mummy try to pull me away. But Before we could even take any step, the bad stray launched at me headon.

OuChhHHhhHHhh!!!!! i jumped back and growled back at the stray, flashing her my sharp pearly white. Mummy was taken aback and try to scare the stray off by raising the leash. The bad stray whimped and run away as fast as she could. I was scratched on my nose and there's a deep cut on my lower lip. Mummy faster take me back home and and washed the wounds with running water. She then applied cold ice on both my wounds.WoOoooo.. it's so cold! But mummy say it's good for me.

me resting on my mummy's lappie

oh man... do i still look handsome??


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my my! I hope your wounds are not deep...Bad bad stray dog! I was attacked by a male Dalmatian before & had a deep puncture wound on top on my eye. It hurt & I was shocked coz I thought males should like us females...Strange!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lacy said...

woofies King hopies u will b no fun when u attacked fur no reason like wuz too when me wuz a young puppy, and me didnt do nuffin...and yess u still verwy handsome..

b safe,

sharkgila said...

Uh oh! That's really nasty! Hope you're feeling better now. Take care on your next walk ya, you and your mommy both.


shushu, momo & kero said...

ooh, hope you are feeling better now. Well, our area there has a stray dog too who likes to chase cars n motorcycles. The neighbour living around there said that he doesn't bite though. We met him a few times during our walk but one day dunno why he also attacked shushu and shushu tongue there bleed. After that day, our owner don't allow us to be friends with any strays anymore.

ilovepearly said...

I hope all is well, that is scary.

ROSSI said...

Oh dear.. King King, i do hope u are ok.. next time.. ask mommy to bring a stick together.. in case, there are any stray attack.. stick is good not only to scare stray away.. is also .. at least protect u guys if a humans try to disturb u guys..

Take care ya!


Lorenza said...

Hi, King King!
Glad you are ok!
Sure it was scary to be attacked just like that!
Take care

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Oh my KingKing! what a scare! we are finally catching up on bloggies and were so surprise to read this. We are so happy you are ok and yes still as handsome as ever!

Each of us have had a bad attack when on a walk and mommy got bit one of the times so now we carry a blow horn or spray jus in case.

Love Licks & waggin TX tails

Pacco de Mongrel said...

poor king king, hope u did not got too frighten...

but not to worry...u still looks handsome as ever...