Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My First Blog


Finally my lazy mummy decide to create a blog for me after so long. But look at what she have done! ! A PINK BLOG FOR ME!??!!? Hey mummy! I am a macho dog you know!

Haiz.. no choice.. mummy make the decision at home so i can only oblige in silence. Bleah..
Today mummy not at home with me and daddy just come home from work. So sad.. daddy too tired tonight to bring me go for a stroll. Only pat me on my head and left me with my toys. Nevermind.. i got my piggy pillow to accompany me. hee..

okay, that all for now.. will update asap when mummy come visits me on saturday! I miss you, mummy! Bring me new toys, new treats!! :x

Here a latest picture of me taken on Monday:

Aren't i cute? *wink wink*

P.S due to my continuous whining and grumbling, mummy finally change my blog to a nice blue colour. Yeah


Amber-Mae said...

Hey King King! Nice to meet you... You are very handsome. You look like a showdog to me coz your fur is sooo lovely. Mine is soo dry & dull. Don't know why. Anywat, thx for visiting my bloggy!

Hey, my 2nd Barkday(Birthday) is this Sunday ya know. And I'm celebrating it at Taman Desa the training grounds by 9.30am sharp. Hope you can come & just join the fun. It won't be a big pawty, just sing song, eat cake, cookies & etc, etc. It's ok if you dono anybody there coz I just invited anybody. Infact, the whole Taman Desa is welcomed to join & celebrate with me. If you ca come, that will be GREAT! Then we can meet. If you don't know where TD is, the map is somewhere in forum. I got there for training.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

King King said...

Hey thanks for inviting me to your barkday party! Would love to come but daddy not free to bring me and mummy go.. :( But nevermind... i will be here by the computer to wait for your latest blog on ur big bash! Enjoy yourself my lovely dancing queen!

ROSSI said...

Hi King King!!.. i nearly call u King Kong!..hahahah.. nice knowing you.. another goldie!.. Yay!!..

Oh.. and thanks for visiting me at my blog!..