Sunday, October 28, 2007

WooHOo.. A Fun Filled Day

Mummy come visit me on saturday. Yeah.. i miss her so muchie and usually she will get me something when she come. But this time.. she didnt bring me anything.. Bad Bad Bad!

And once she saw me she say i smell as bad as the smelly drain nearby the house. Hey Mummy.. i am not smelly k. It's just my macho doggie smell. Hmpf!

Anyway she decide to pamper me by letting me play in my pool for the whole morning b4 i had my bath. Yeah! I jump into my pool the moment mummy lay it at my private backyard. She say i aren't allowed to play at the front pouch as my daddy car is there.

Faster Mummy! On the tap! Fill up the pool! Get my toy balls! Quick Quick Quick!!!!!!!!!

Waiting patiently for the pool to fill up... After 5 mins... After 10 mins..... YawnzZzzZZZZzz

Hey Mummy !! What taking you so long? Why is the pool not filled up to the brim?

Haiz.. mummy didnt fill up the whole pool. She say we shouldnt waste water as it take up alot of water to fill out my big round pool. Nevermind.. i shall still enjoy myself . Take a look at the clip at the end of this blog. Mummy have to stop videoing me because i decide to take a bit of the soft sponge that come out from my balls. Got smacked in the butt..

Pool time over and its time for my bath

My fruity nice smelling aloe vera shampoo!! wooo.. hope it makes all the pretty doggies out there wan to get close to me.

Mummy isnt too happy with me after bath. I spolit my two balls each one with a big hole. Hee.. but then isn't it a good excuse to buy me new toys?? perhaps more tennis or baseball balls?

Erh.. Mummy.. can i stay in the pool for a little while more?? *give a ke lian look*

Apparently mummy say no and i am forced to get out of my pool unwillingly. See the black towel around my neck? that's a new one my daddy get for me from Ikea. Mummy tie it around my neck as she went to keep my stuffs in my toy basket. Don't i look like Underdog with his red hood?

Okay now that i am dry and smelling great like a nice scented flower pouch, I am so so ready to go out for my stroll now. Come follow me.. i show you some of my friends around the neighbourhood. Prepare your caps... Dun say i didnt warn you..the weather is hot around here. Ready? Get Set and Let Go!!

Here's my sweet friend.. didnt know her name cos her owner is always not around when i go visit her. She is very friendly and always give me a big wet kiss whenever i go visit her. hee hee.

Below is One of my favourite pretty goldie friend from the neighbourhood. Isnt she pretty with her charming smile? OhhHhh.. how i wish her owner is around so that they will let her out and play with me. Too bad.. i can only view her from outside.

And me at the other side of the wall.. Hee

Pretty goldie.. why are you not looking at me? Dun you like my fruity aloe vera shampoo smell? i really like you. Can you come out and play with me? PlsSSssSSsSSS!!!!

Hey Mr Husky! Can i be friends with you? Your yellow buddy doesnt seems to like me near the house.. always barking at me so fiercely.. so i can only view you from here

After the walk.. i took a nap in my cage and the by the time i wake up, my dinner was all prepared. Yeah... brown rice , vegetables mix, steamed chicken and a cup of my fav kibbles. With Mummy around i can always get a few yummy dinner . Daddy not a great cook so i am just satified when he give me my kibbles as well. Mummy forget to take a pic of my delicious dinner. Mummy say i have to wait outside while she do some house cleaning after i had my dinner. That's daddy car beside me. Mummy always leash me up when she place me at the front porch. She is afraid that i will scratch my daddy's car accidently. LOL.. Come on Mummy.. i am not interested in daddy car.. only the slippers.. Opps.. Err.. :x

Finally i am being let inside the house to enjoy the aircon while waiting for daddy and the housemate Uncle Ray to return. What a tiring day... it's abount time to catch up on my beauty sleep... Yawnz... Good Night eveyone..

Video clip of me and my pool


ROSSI said...

u know what.. u look so much like me.. just that u have a small eyes.. hehheheh.. like my brother Athens..

Oh.. we are sure a golden one.. we simply just love water and am crazy when come to playing water.. mom normally will ended up in heart attack.. hahaha..


Amber-Mae said...

Hey King King!

Wow, what a day you had...Oh, I love to play pool too! Your pool is really tall. I'm surprised that you did not bite the inflated parts coz I usually do that & that's why my hoomans never by me a poll that has to inflated. There's three of us here so hooman M bought a reaaaally HUGE one but not as deep as yours for us to play in once in every month. It takes about 30min to fill up all the way to the top. Your Goldie friend is very pweetty & you look great after your smelly bath!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

King King said...

Thanks amber and my mummy too fierce later if i bite my pool she say she not going to get me a new one if i spolit my current one.. so i must behave

Prince said...

Congratulation on joining blogging activity... I am sure you will can save alot ur memory here. I am a GR too and hope can see u next time

shushu said...

Hi King king,

You have a nice colourful pool!
It looks very lovely - my master said I can't have the one like yours - inflated type coz...uhmm I will bite the inflated part and destroy the whole pool before she manage to get any water inside...kekeke