Friday, April 25, 2008

Visit to the Pet Shop

On wednesday.. mummy and daddy decided to bring me to the nearest pet shop for grooming and also pay a visit to the vet for my deworming and Proheart SR12 injection. Gosh... i hate needles and tablets but i have to be a brave boy.
Sitting quietly inside the car.

It was raining heavily that day and mummy sat with me at the back of the car to keep me company. Upon reaching there, mummy was told to collect me 3 hours later as i am the third dog for grooming that day. But then.. it was only after 4 hrs that i am really as they let one small dog jump queue. While waiting for me, mummy and daddy look at the other adorable puppies in the shop.

Funny Poodle Puppy pic. Mummy was nearly won over by her cutie look. Hey.. i like being the only child for the time being mummy!

After Grooming and waiting for my turn to see mr Vet. I look smashing don't i?

Inside the clinic, Mr Vet asked me to step on the weighing machine and mummy realised that i have become thinner by 0.7kg. Mummy shook her head and blamed me for being a fussy eater. Who can blame me? it's all mummy's fault cos she had been showing me yummy pictures of food that she and daddy have been eating that i lost appetite in my kibbles. (Actually that's an excuse as i am a pretty fussy eater and only eat when i feel like it. *Sniggles*)

Luckily Mr Vet said it's not much of a deal and i would gain weight back very quickly. Then he took out one very horrible sharp thing from the fridge. Oh my woofness! It is a thick needle. No pictures of the needle as mummy need to hold me down as Mr Vet injected me. Next Mr Vet prescripted ear drop medicine for me as i have a slight ear infection. Luckily it's nothing serious as mummy worried that i might suffer from ear mites from my continuous head shaking since last week.

Well well well... since i am all done and reached home. I think i need some manly rest from the horrible injection. So Long.... ZzZzzZZzZzZZzzzzz


Amber-Mae said...

You look good after your bath. That poor Poodle in the cage wants to go home with your mom...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Charlie said...

Hi King King! Don't let that poodle out -- he looks scary!
- Charlie