Monday, April 28, 2008

On Holiday!

Hi all doggies pals.. I am currently now on boarding for a week and wont be able to update my blog as Daddy got to go back to Sabah to attend personal matters and mummy got examinations and won't be coming to visit me for awhile. But then she promised to get me more toys once she finished up her stuffs. Whoopie! Well at the mean time, i will try to pretend that i am on holiday on a sunny island with cool lemonade to drink, plently of balls to play with, and sexy furry babes to keep me company.

Promised to blog once i am back. Rem to Miss me all of ya out there!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Visit to the Pet Shop

On wednesday.. mummy and daddy decided to bring me to the nearest pet shop for grooming and also pay a visit to the vet for my deworming and Proheart SR12 injection. Gosh... i hate needles and tablets but i have to be a brave boy.
Sitting quietly inside the car.

It was raining heavily that day and mummy sat with me at the back of the car to keep me company. Upon reaching there, mummy was told to collect me 3 hours later as i am the third dog for grooming that day. But then.. it was only after 4 hrs that i am really as they let one small dog jump queue. While waiting for me, mummy and daddy look at the other adorable puppies in the shop.

Funny Poodle Puppy pic. Mummy was nearly won over by her cutie look. Hey.. i like being the only child for the time being mummy!

After Grooming and waiting for my turn to see mr Vet. I look smashing don't i?

Inside the clinic, Mr Vet asked me to step on the weighing machine and mummy realised that i have become thinner by 0.7kg. Mummy shook her head and blamed me for being a fussy eater. Who can blame me? it's all mummy's fault cos she had been showing me yummy pictures of food that she and daddy have been eating that i lost appetite in my kibbles. (Actually that's an excuse as i am a pretty fussy eater and only eat when i feel like it. *Sniggles*)

Luckily Mr Vet said it's not much of a deal and i would gain weight back very quickly. Then he took out one very horrible sharp thing from the fridge. Oh my woofness! It is a thick needle. No pictures of the needle as mummy need to hold me down as Mr Vet injected me. Next Mr Vet prescripted ear drop medicine for me as i have a slight ear infection. Luckily it's nothing serious as mummy worried that i might suffer from ear mites from my continuous head shaking since last week.

Well well well... since i am all done and reached home. I think i need some manly rest from the horrible injection. So Long.... ZzZzzZZzZzZZzzzzz

Monday, April 21, 2008

Snow buddies!!

Mummy was taking a break and she chanced upon one dvd. Its is called the "Snow Buddies" and she fall in love with it immediately before watching the movie.

Dunno whether any of you watch this cute movie b4 but i decided to share the story line with all of you.

It 's a story about 5 cutie golden retrievers (Rosebud, Buddha, B-Dawg, Mudbud, Budderball)who got aired to Alaska by mistake while one of them is trying to escape the claws of Miss Mitten, A siamese cat. During the trip, they met up with a siberian husky named Shasta and in order to get home to their parents and owners, they have to take part in a harsh competition together with their new found friends across the snow covered land of Alaska.

A sweet and pesistent husky pup that hopes to make his owner dream come true and in turn become a great lead sledge dog


A hip hop Pup who talks big that's is until he is being forced to face his own fears

The most greedy pup of the buddies and consider the "big boned" of the pack

The Spirtual Puppy that follow the ways. Wisest among the buddies.


Mudbud is the chillax pup that enjoys nothing more than rolling himself in the mud making him the dirtest little golden ever seen.


The only girl pup in the litter of brothers. Is the trendsetter of the litter and her favourite colour is pink!

Hope you all like it too! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unfair Treatment!

Daddy and mummy went out for a nice dinner and i was being left at home again. Mummy came home happily and show me pictures of what they had earlier.

I Sulk. I bark and I growl at the pictures. I need to protest!! Why cant doggie food be as yummy-looking as the hoomans' ones? Why Why Why?

Mummy's creamy root beer. Daddy's iced Tiger Beer. And a super duper nice crispy puff pastry on top of the soup bowl!

Look at those creamy clam chowder soup!!
Daddy's Dinner: meat loaf with garlic bread and a pretty egg.
Mummy's Dinner: giant sauages with melted cheese and mushroom bits. Creamy Mashed potates and grilled salted sweet corn.
Final Verdict:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thirsty Dog!~

Last weekend i had my cooling bath again. Yeah!! The weather is going bonkers. One moment it could be super sunny, the other moment the darks clouds gathered and a thunderstorm approached. Anyway the weather is hot last weekend and i have been looking forward to my weekend bath where i can play and drink from the hose.

I guess i was super thirsty and all i want to do was to drink and drink and drink.. yesss.. even while i was taking a bath.

Last but not the least.. a short clip of me bathing.. and drinking lots of water! Sorry.. it is still a slanted video.. so do some stretching of the neck before you view the video. ("*,)

Can i have some more water please?