Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Busy week.. a long long post!

This is a boring week for me.. mummy came but she is not very free to entertain me as she was rather busy with her revision for the coming sem exams.

Poor me laying on the floor looking longingly outside the door. *sigh*

Sensing my boredom, mummy decided to stop flipping with her piles of notes and play with me for awhile. she took out her camera phone and start to ask me to stay still so that she can take some nice pictures with me. Hey mummy... me dun like taking pictures with other people one leh.. i wanna be the centre of attraction!! and after struggling with me for awhile.. the end products is as below.. *evil grins*

*me looking glum as mummy smile nicely*

*me looking sideway, refusing to look at the camera. Mummy still continue to smile nicely*

Actually there's quite a few other photos but none actually can make it except these two. LOL.. in the end mummy decide to give up and take a self picture of me without her. And TaDa!!

*A satified me all by myself*

Anyway the next day mummy bring me go out for a walk. While walking, we spotted another golden in the neighbourhood. Wooo.. look at him.. he is a dark golden retriever. hee.. I played with him for awhile and mummy decide to pull me back home as the sun starts to get hotter. Handsome dark goldie then start barking at me. Dun worry, handsome boy.. i come visit you the next time k? i promised!!

Wooo.. my stomach is rumbling.. i need to go poo poo. I started looking for a nice patch of green grass to do my business. Ah ha.. there.. i look around and start to relieve myself. But then someone is creeping up from behind me. Someone with a black camera phone is slowly aiming at me and *click* MUMMY!!! How could you took a pic of me pooing! You baddy baddy mummy.

mummy: That's for refusing to take picture with me, King King and i am going to post it in yout blog. *evil laughter*

For a moment.. i thought my mummy has become the hilarous wicked queen in the movie The Golden Compass

Anyway after the walk, mummy play a game of fetch with me. b4 she went back to her moutain of books and notes. hee.. All right.. mummy is not so scary as she is after all. hee..

me feeling happy and contented after a few games of fetching.

On Wednesday, mummy and daddy went out early in the morning and left me at home alone till 5pm. When they come back, i can sense excitment in the air. Wooo... what's going on what's going on? Tell me tell me!
It turns out that mummy and daddy are planning to get a bigger house and they went for house viewing session on their own. Mummy tell me that if they are getting a new house, they will get me a new sibling. Woooo!! That's good news! So next time i can have a younger brother or sister to play with. Mummy show me some pictures that she secretly take from the show houses.
Pretty Kichen 01
Pretty Living Room 01
Pretty Living Room 02
Pretty Family Hall Vintage Door 01
Pretty Family Hall 01
Pretty Family Hall 02
Pretty Landscape 01
Pretty Landscape 02
Wooo.. isnt it nice? I will have a big garden to play in next time. Hee.. Okay.. it's kinda late already.. Off i go to dream about my having new house, a new cage, a new garden , more new toys and maybe a new sibling? Good night everyone!!


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi King King! you looked so sad then mad then in disbelief then happy and your such a good doggie to leave your castle in good order!

be patient with your pawrents

Lots of Love Licks from TX trio

Lorenza said...

Hi, King King
Sure a new house is great news! And a sibling?? Wow! I just can imagine how happy you are right now! Let us know when you know more about it, ok?
Nice poo picture!
Have a good night

Amber-Mae said...

KK, this week was pweetty boring too but luckily my mommy on break for two long weeks. It's time for her to spend time with me! Wooow, that show house is lovely. Your hoomans getting a bungalow? Wow! If yes, invite me next time so that I can play around in that huge garden with handsome you...hehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

King King said...

Crikit, sparky and ginger

yeah.. i am a dog of hundred moods.. and i am a very good guard of my castle too!


Hey.. thanks for appreciating my pooing pic. I though only my evil mummy like.

Amber Mae
My evil hoomans are still thinking about it. But maybe i can presuade them to get me a sibling first? *grinz* And of course i will defintly invite u to my wonderful garden to play all night long!