Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ding Dong Ding Dong!! A surprise package came on the 31st for mummy early in the morning. She was feeling very excited and couldnt wait to open it. Hmm... i wonder what's inside this big brown box. Is it a goodie bag for me?? WooFffFFff......

Turn out that it isnt any yummy treats of toys for me.. Instead mummy fish out a big red stuff out of the box. WoOoo..It is in matt red colour and it a lappie that my mummy had just bought.. Isnt it nice? She say she will be able to update my blog on her lappie without having to fight with her siblings over the desktop at her own hse. Hee..

Anyway recently mummy bought a book and it is call Marley and Me. Its a story about the life of an lab retriever and its life story from a pup to his last moment. WooOo.. Shall update on the story once me and mummy finish the book. Look at the nice soft cover ... doesnt it look nice to bite and shred???? Yummy! (*mummy hovering above me with her hand on her waist and looking at me with her stern face*) Err.. mummy you know i am joking with you.. Seriously, I LOVE BOOKS, NEWSPAPERS and even cardboard Boxes. =p

Anyway mummy isnt quite happy with daddy cos daddy was busy with work and forget to feed me my heartgard for whole 2 months. So off to the vet i go with my unhappy mummy and quiet daddy . Its okay mummy.. Pls dun be unhappy.

WoooOOo.. Been quite sometime b4 i went to a pet shop and was feeling excited. Once i am inside everyone pet me on my head and say i am a very good and handsome boy. Saw a rottie there waiting for the vet and he barking at me once he saw me. The bark start getting too loud and mummy is being asked to go to the front of the shop to wait. Bleah.. i am a good boy so i leave the noisy rottie behind and stand at the doorway admiring the pretty poodle and maltese that came b4 me for grooming services. Mummy didnt bring her camera out so there will be no pictures for this part.

Anyway after a detailed checkup by the vet, i am given an all clear sign of heartworm and mummy and daddy was really relieved.. However the worse is yet to come.. unknown to me.. daddy, mummy and the vet were talking among themselves when i suddenly heard the word 'injection". WHAT??!!? Mummy pls dun! u knw i dun like needles.. but then it seems like the best thing to do cos mummy scare later daddy forget to feed me my monthly heartgar tablets. Daddy carry me onto the dignosis table and make me lie down and wait for the vet while she prepare the heartgard injection. Mummy then hug me and pat me on my head and promise to bring me a new toy the next time she come. hmmm... all right.. i am a brave boy! what's a small injection got to harm me right.

So i go though the injection, had my dosage of deworm tablets and went home a healthy, happy dog. Mummy then bring me for a long walk around the neighbourhood and fuss over me for a while b4 she went back for her revision.

okay.. i am feeling slighty tired and shall go for my afternoon nap. So long guys.. mummy promise to update as often as she can till her exams end.. Yawnz... nitezZZzzZz

Off to dreamland to dream about treats, toys and pretty doggies


Pacco de Mongrel said...

hallo, nice to meet u king king...

Amber-Mae said...

Will you be dreaming about me? Heeheehee...Wow! Her laptop's really nice. Oh that book is really nice to read becoz it's funny & sad especially at the end.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

King King said...

nice to meet you pacco! hope we can be friends hee... i add a link to your blog.

of course i will be dreaming of pretty amber and chloe and faith. hee.. mummy just finish her book.. and she nearly cry... see what a baby my mummy is..

Lorenza said...

Hi, King
Nice to meet you!
One of my friends with DWB sent my mom that book and she really enjoyed it! She laugh and cried at the same time!
Have a good night

Scruffy said...

Hi King

You are mighty brave with injections. I hate anything with needles. And I hate the vet!!!

The Mighty Scruff

King King said...

Hi Lorenza and sruffy.. Thanks for visiting my bloggy.. I have add both of you to my blog link.

Nice to be friends with all of you!

Lotsa wet kisses
King King

The Thuglets said...

Hi King nice to meet you we thought we would drop by and introduce ourselves we are The Thuglets 6 Airedales. Drop boy and see us sometime.

The Thuglets